Too Much Stuff? Store It At My Place!!!

It’s Enough To Make Your Skin Crawl

YUUUUCK - if you'd seen what we've seen it would make your skin crawl too.

Most self-storage facilities are affected however we employ specialist pest control contractors every 6 months to make sure we don’t have this problem.

Some people were so disgusting because the stuff they put into storage was infested with fleas, cockroaches, and spiders. That’s right – yuck. Thankfully most of these people go for the cheapest storage which is fine by us as we don’t want them.

Would you want to store your stuff in a flee-ridden, cockroach-infested, self-storage joint? Neither would we.

Back in 2007 we started a campaign of bombing everywhere twice a year for fleas, spiders and cockroaches. Pest control is by specialist contractor. Today you’d be lucky to even find a cobweb anywhere around here. That’s why we like to remind enquirers that it’s not what you pay for a thing but what you actually get for you money that’s important.

Our prices are fair but some of the reasons they might be a bit higher than other facilities around here is because we have invested in a ‘yuck control’ management programme. We also have full-time staff on site 5-days a week to provide hands-on help and assistance. Weare usually contactable on weekends and even statutory holidays as well. Our buildings are all purpose-built (being the same construction as a dwelling house including lined walls but

Offer; If you tell us, when making an enquiry, you read this article on our website we’ll give you half of the third month FREE.

without insulation) which means your stuff will be in a clean, dry and well-ventilated individual lockup. All lockups and/or areas are individually security monitored for fire and burglary by Armourguard using the latest electronic technology (your insurers will love that), and we have 16 x 24/7 surveillance cameras watching over the entire facility with a hard-drive backup.

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