Too Much Stuff? Store It At My Place!!!

You Park & Sell

Park, Display And Self-Sell Your Car, Van, Ute, Truck, Camper-Van, Caravan, Motor-Home, Or Machine Etc At My Place.

True stories:

While driving home shortly after completing the Park & Sell display area I saw a car on the side of the road that included ‘private sale’ details. I got out and took a photo of the details and when I got home I phoned him. I explained what I was doing, and he said, “Yes, sure, I’ll give that a try”. He said, “That’s going to save me taking it out and putting on the road each day and then collecting it again at night – which is a pain in the backside”. 2 days later his BMW car was sold from our site.

A local business wanted to sell a work ute. While trying to sell it parked on the road it was side-swiped in a hit-and-run – costing thousands of dollars in repairs, plus the inconvenience of the smash. They too were pleased not to go through the hassle of taking it out and putting on the road each day and then collecting it again at night. On one occasion even forgetting to bring it back in at night – the night it was side-swiped. Ouch.

We hear we can sell our car/boat/camper-van/motor-home/truck/trailer/machine at your self-storage facility. How does it work, what is the cost, and what security do you have in place?

Masterton Self-Storage holds a prime location for its business – 291 High Street (State Highway 2), Masterton. We decided to turn it into a ‘You Park’, ‘You Display’, and ‘You Sell’ yard for anyone to use. If you want to sell your car, boat, camper-van, motor-home, truck, trailer, or machine all you do is come and park it my place. Just have a phone contact number and price in or on the vehicle. Browsing customers see it here on display, see your contact details and what you want for it, and call you for a chat – and hopefully buy it.

To maintain a high level of security the ‘You Park’, ‘You Display’, and ‘You Sell’ yard is fully fenced to 2.5m high with barbed wire. A security camera records all activity in the yard 24/7. The camera is aided by a night-time flood light. Plus, we do have Armourguard patrols from time to time.

If you are a current self-storage customer, you can put your vehicle in our front yard for free and no sales commissions apply.

Where Are We?

Masterton Storage

291 High Street, Masterton

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