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Shipping Containers

The Real Truth That Shipping Container Self-Storage Companies Hope You Never Find Out.

This photo was taken 29 June 2019 when we were experiencing heavy frosts. If you look closely you’ll see water-droplets on the roof. The floor was damp because of this.

Have you ever been inside a house and seen condensation on the glass windows? Or, have you ever wondered why building-paper is used under your roof at home? It’s all to do with water and moisture.

In the case of condensation on the glass, water forms when dampness in the air comes in contact with the cold window – especially in winter or colder days. And glass is like steel on your roof because it transmits temperature easily. Therefore, when the cold outside air comes in contact with a surface like steel roofing iron moisture forms on the underside of the roof – we call it condensation. Without the building-paper everything below gets dripped on.

So, what’s the connection with shipping containers? Shipping containers are made of steel, the same material that’s on your roof at home. Do shipping containers have building-paper under the roof or on the inside of the walls? No.

So, what happens with the water, moisture, and condensation? It simply drips on to your stuff below.
They say some shipping containers are ventilated. Makes no difference. In some older houses in New Zealand the veranda has no building-paper under the roofing iron and once the sun hits the roof, especially on a frosty morning, the veranda decking gets a drenching. I’m sure you’d agree that verandas are very well ventilated.

What about in summer? We’ve tested so-called ventilated shipping containers on a 33º nice warm Masterton summer’s day. Inside the ‘ventilated’ shipping container temperatures can exceed 50º. The problem here is, most household furniture manufactures use glues and the high temperatures effect the integrity of the glue to hold.

We only have 3 shipping containers at this facility that are used for self-storage out of 230 purpose-built lock-ups. We only got them for those who want cheap storage because their stuff has little value or they don’t mind if their stuff gets a bit damp in winter.

Does Masterton Self-Storage have shipping containers? Yes, we have just 3 out of a total of 230 self-storage lockups. The difference is, Masterton Self-Storage has a money-back guarantee that says, ‘if your stuff gets damp or damaged while stored in one of our purpose-built self-storage lockups because of condensation, not only will we refund your money, but we’ll repair or replace your stuff’. We don’t, however, provide this guarantee with the 3 shipping containers.

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