Too Much Stuff? Store It At My Place!!!

Money Back Guarantee At Masterton Self-Storage

If we’ve done something to annoy a customer we encourage them to complain. If customers don’t complain they usually vote with their feet which means not only have we lost them as a customer but we won’t know about the problem and therefore can’t fix it. It also means other customers may be experiencing the same un-fixed problem. That’s why we see complaints as gold for our business because it’s the putting right that counts.

It’s The Putting Right That Counts.

Don’t allow your stuff in storage to be destroyed by dampness.

If a company is going to make claims about what they can do for their customer in order to get their business, they had better deliver on their promise or else suffer the consequences. If they fail or let the customer down, they should put it right whatever it costs – no ‘ifs’ and ‘no’ buts.

At Masterton Self-Storage We Call It Our ‘Fall On Our Own Sword’ Guarantee:

We guarantee your stuff stays dry while it’s stored at our place or you don’t pay. What are we saying here? Simple; if our facility causes your stuff to get damp not only will we refund your term’s fees, but we’ll pay for any dry-cleaning or pay for its total replacement (as referred in our storer agreement).

95% of our storage lockups are inside purpose-built buildings. The construction of our buildings is the same as a house. Just 5% of our storage lockup stock is shipping containers which are fine if the stuff you propose to store is of little or low value.

Shipping containers are basically steel boxes with little or no ventilation. As example you cannot imagine being allowed or even wanting to build a house without building paper under the roof – and the only reason the building paper is there is to prevent moisture from the underside of the roof dropping on to the inside of the house below.

Shipping container don’t have any protective barriers like building paper under the roof which means condensation drips on everything below. They also have little or no ventilation.

Our guarantee applies to all of our purpose-built lockup storage units but not to stuff stored in shipping containers because we know things can get damp stored this way. Shipping container storage is generally cheaper but if you value your stuff don’t risk it, use purpose-built – or ‘fit for purpose’.

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