Too Much Stuff? Store It At My Place!!!

Discount Options

Discount Options:

We reward our long-term customers. We look at it this way; if there is less work because of ongoing business for us, why not share the benefit with you. How does it work? We consider a long-term customer someone that has one of our storage lock-ups for 6 months or more. We offer 2 long-term discount options:


Pay your storage fees either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly for 6 consecutive months or more and as long as fees are paid on or before the due date with each installment, half of the 6th month is free. That means over a 6-month period your discount is almost 10%.


This option is double the value at almost 20% discount over 6 months. It goes like this;
pay 5 months in advance and you’ll get a free month – as mentioned, that’s almost 20% over 6 months.
This option is 100% risk free.
What that means is, if for any reason your circumstances change and you need to break your term, you are not penalised. We simply refund you, by the month, what you haven’t used. Make sense?
We accept paying 5 months in advance is quite a lot of money up front but the rewards and benefits to you are worth it.

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