How Much Does A Self-Storage Lock-up Unit Cost?

Storage Fees

Starting From

$23 per week

Average Weekly Cost

$39 incl GST per week

Possible Discount


We have lockups from just $23 per week and the average weekly fee for a self-storage lock-up is from $39.00 including GST. However, with long-term discounts you can shave heaps off that – up to almost 20%–‘click here’ for how long-term discounts work.

Here is a list of things that determine storage fees:

  1. Masterton Self-Storage has 27 different individual-size lock-up units. That means we usually have an economic size to best suite you.
  2. We’ll ask you, “Will you put your own stuff into storage yourselves or get a professional furniture firm like Rosies of Masterton”? There are 3 huge benefits to using Rosies:
    • They’ll load your lock-up unit like it was going into a truck. The advantage here is you’ll get more in to a smaller space which means it’s fitted snugly and storage fees are less.
    • Rosies are a small local family firm which means they are more personal and they can beat the bigger firms on price usually every time.
    • Rosies have their office and depot just 200m down the road from us. That means there is less cartage for them and cost for you when they bring your stuff into our facility.  
  3. We’ll also ask you, “What is the lock-up to be used for”? We ask this because some customers don’t want to fill their lock-up to be completely full. Instead they use it as a place to do some sorting and a place to get rid of stuff.
  4. Of course, as mentioned, the long-term discount has a huge impact on price.

Therefore, email us for a quote – are details are below.

Remember, it’s not what something costs but what you get for you money that important. That means if you want cheap then we are probably not for you. We don’t ‘do’ cheap, we ‘do’‘giving you a clean and dry lockup fit for its intended purpose, easy access, with security alarm monitoring by Armourguard, and 16 CCTV cameras backed up to long-term hard-drive’. We ‘do’ things properly and professionally.

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