Phone Us Now. Even Afterhours, We Are Available 90% Of The Time, 7-Days A Week During Daylight Hours.

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Although the office is only open weekdays, we will take enquiry calls 365 days a year, during daylight hours. Even with afterhours calls we will answer the phone 80% of the time. If we can’t speak to you when you phone, leave a message or send an email. We guarantee to reply the next business day, or the first month’s storage fees are free. 

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Our Location

291 High Street, Solway,
Masterton, 5810

Office Hours

9:30am to 4:30pm weekdays except statutory holidays. Existing customers have 7-day-a-week access using a specially designated swipe card unique to the customer’s lockup – a bit like a hotel room.

Phone Or Text

+64 6 377 1534 

or text us on

027-557-5373 (from within NZ or Australia only) a time convenient for us to call you. We’ll pick up the charges.


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