Too Much Stuff? Store It At My Place!!!

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Get it Storage-Fee Free For Up To 2 Weeks Using Our‘Early Booking System’.

Because Masterton Self-Storage usually operates between 95% and 100% full, if you just turn up on the day you need storage, chances are we won’t be able to help with the best size for you. Therefore, we have come up with an easy, convenient, peace-of-mind solution for our customers that helps them plan and get on with arranging their move without the added stress of not having somewhere clean and dry pre-arranged to put their stuff.

This is how it works; Once you’ve decided you need a storage lockup, come in or make contact about the best size for you. If today is a Monday but you don’t need it for another 2 weeks, we’ll complete the paperwork, and you’ll pay the first month’s fees together with a bond (the bond is refunded when you finally vacate and give us the security swipe-card back). Once paid your lock-up is held storage-fee free until your ‘start date’ up to a maximum of 2 weeks. This early-booking system means your storage is sorted and it’s held free – our customers love it.

Also, many of our customers that pre-book arrange it all using email. That means it doesn’t matter where you are, if you need to store your stuff in Masterton, it can be pre-arranged from anywhere.

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