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Masterton Storage

Looking For Clean, Dry Self-Storage In Masterton

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Self-storage for household furniture, business stock, cars, boats, motor-homes and caravans.

Money Back Gaurantee

If we weren’t serious we wouldn’t and couldn’t offer this.


Safe And Secure

Security-alarm monitored by ADT and Armourguard

Money Back Guarantee At Masterton Storage

Condensation and dampness forms on the inside of steel shipping containers that the unsuspecting public use for storage and their stuff gets wrecked and ends up in landfills. Have you ever wondered why they put building-paper underneath long-run roofing iron and steel or why water is found on single glazed glass in houses? It’s because when the cold outside air hits cold steel or glass moisture (condensation) forms on the inside – the same thing happens inside shipping containers. Because Masterton Self-Storage is a purpose-built facility (built in the same way as a modern home) your stuff stays dry at our place or your money back – and we pay for any damage – refer our self-storage agreement for details. Do you think we are serious about your stuff coming out of our place in the same condition as when it went in – you bet we are?

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291 High Street,
Masterton, 5810

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